Taxicab To Wichita

Quinn Jacob is a drug addicted taxi driver with no options, no money, and no destination. Rocky is a thief with no getaway car, no driver, and no time. In the gathering darkness of a perfect storm, can they trust each other, risk it all, and recreate themselves on the high-wire roads to Wichita…

A New Publisher

In January, 2017, Aaron signed on with John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal, an indie publisher based in Long Island, New York.

However, Taxicab To Wichita and Bus Back To Omaha eBooks are temporarily offline. The first edition, published by *Booktrope, has been “remaindered” (no longer available from Booktrope and no longer attached to the original ISBN).

John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal is gearing up to release an omnibus that contains the 2nd editions of Taxicab To Wichita and Bus Back To Omaha, as early as December, 2017. 

Hard copies of Taxicab To Wichita and Bus Back To Omaha are currently available at the following retailer:

Novel Idea

Kingston’s Independent Bookstore

*Booktrope was a publishing house based out of Seattle, Washington, that lived and died by their “publishing meets disruptive innovation” motto. Over the course of six years their “team publishing” platform brought a thousand books into the world, but eventually they succumbed to an insurmountable financial strain.