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Kingston Whig-Standard

*The bridge between coffee shop interviews and folds of newsprint is a difficult one to cross without a few facts leaping to their deaths along the way. Aaron remains extremely grateful to Merilyn Simonds for shining her light on the non-reflective surface of his work, however, there are two instances in the above article where the facts jumped into the fjord: 1. The article gives the impression that Aaron is in his mid-thirties, but he was forty-three at the time. 2. Aaron is not a freelance sound technician. He works as a janitor, cleaning banks. He moves opera sets into and out of an old World War II airplane hangar for the Canadian Opera Company. And he lends a hand down at the Grand Theatre (Kingston) whenever they need an extra stage tech. 



This was a live interview that took place on the patio of The Prince George Hotel in Kingston Ontario. The cold pint of beer was a welcome addition, as it was all taking place under the thermal compress of the noonday sun.

A shot of WS Daily (CKWS Television) host, Bill Hall, interviewing Aaron live on the patio of The Prince George Hotel in Kingston, Ontario.