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Kingston Whig-Standard

*Reportage rarely goes from the horse’s mouth to newsprint without a couple of facts getting lost in translation, and the above article is no exception. Aaron remains extremely grateful to Merilyn Simonds for shining her brilliant light on his dark little corner of literary toiling, however, there are two instances in the above article where the facts were compromised: 1. The article gives the impression that Aaron is in his mid-thirties, but he was forty-three at the time. 2. Aaron is not a freelance sound technician. He works as a janitor, cleaning banks. He moves opera sets into and out of an old World War II airplane hangar for the Canadian Opera Company. And he lends a hand down at the Grand Theatre (Kingston) whenever they need an extra stage tech. 



This was a live interview that took place on the patio of The Prince George Hotel in Kingston Ontario. The cold pint of beer was a welcome addition, as it was all taking place under the thermal compress of the noonday sun.

A shot of WS Daily (CKWS Television) host, Bill Hall, interviewing Aaron live on the patio of The Prince George Hotel in Kingston, Ontario.