Fructus Autumni Auctorum


Fructus Autumni Auctorum will be published in August of 2019 by John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal (Long Island, NY) in cooperation with Aaron Louis books (Kingston, ONT, Canada). As a duology, it will contain rewritten versions of Taxicab to Wichita and Bus Back to Omaha. The extensive rewrites were completed over a two-year period that saw the author developing the narratives to a previously unattainable level. The first editions were hindered by time constraints imposed by the erstwhile publisher, and an inferior grasp of syntax that limited the author’s ability to bring vision, and ultimately style to fruition. The plot lines and characters of both books have not been altered; they have, however, been fleshed out according to the maturation of craft, and the epiphanies that accompany perseverance.

Where To Buy

Fructus Autumni Auctorum will be available in e-book and paperback editions at Novel Idea, an independent bookstore in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, will also be carrying the paperback edition.