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Aaron made a pact in 2012 that he would write a short piece every day for his Facebook audience. The product of this dedication would later become Bus Back To Omaha, his most recent novel.

In 2013, Aaron was led to the online writing community, Wattpad, where he applied the same regimen of writing daily, and quickly developed a following of avid readers. Taxicab To Wichita was born on Wattpad, and was handpicked by Wattpad staff, to be a “featured story”.

Much to Aaron’s amazement, Taxicab To Wichita readership exploded. A fellow author at Booktrope Editions read Taxicab To Wichita on Wattpad and arranged for Aaron to submit his manuscript, despite the publisher being closed to submissions. Six months later, Taxicab To Wichita was officially published. Again, feedback from readers was excellent (see Commentary of readers around the world), and the time came for Aaron to publish a second book.

An abridged version of Taxicab To Wichita remains available on Wattpad, as a show of respect for the community who helped Aaron share his work with the world. The story continues to be enjoyed, and has garnered over half-a-million reads.

His second published novel, Bus Back To Omaha, has just launched as the prequel/sequel of Taxicab To Wichita. Aaron re-wrote his Facebook experiment over the course of a year-and-a-half, retrofitting it to the specifics of Taxicab. This was arguably more difficult than writing a novel in the first place, and as such will remind him never to attempt such a thing again!

Taxicab or Bus… or Both

Taxicab To Wichita is edgy and frenetic, whereas Bus Back To Omaha is more flowing and reflective. Both books together—while encompassing the range of Aaron’s authorial voice—serve to deepen the reader’s understanding of the characters.

Work In Progress

Ysselsteyn is working on a third novel, and 2017 will see some poems, song lyrics, and short stories published in a compilation book that will also include the works of a Mexican author (Duke Miller), and an American author (JT Twissel).

Aaron Louis Ysselsteyn, author of Taxicab To Wichita, and Bus Back To Omaha


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