About the Author

The Short Cut

From roofing to road kill removal to cleaning toilets at national banks; Aaron has done what it takes to keep the wolf from the door. Someone should probably tell him that weird-ass books do not appear on the wolf’s bucket list?

Aaron is the author of Taxicab To Wichita and Bus Back To Omaha, published by Booktrope Editions, a one-time imprint from Seattle. In 2017 he signed on with John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal, an independent publisher based in Long Island New York.

The Scenic Route

Back in the soft serve apocalypse of 2012, Aaron started abusing his Facebook friends with the serialized contents of his mind. Inexplicably, and with a great deal of ironic consternation, the product of this strange and terrible experiment would later become Bus Back To Omaha, his second novel.

His first book, however, wormed its way into existence the following year, after he ran from the distracted indifference of Facebook straight into the mollycoddling arms of Wattpad. After several months of bending the malleable girders of an agreeable gridiron to his will—by once again serializing the contents of his (ahem) mind—Aaron secured a readership big enough to make him a featured author.

Not long after becoming a featured author, Aaron signed with Booktrope, despite the publisher being closed to submissions at the time. Six months later, Taxicab To Wichita hit the shelves of unsuspecting bookstores.

The abridged (first draft) version of Taxicab To Wichita garnered over half-a-million reads on Wattpad.

Aaron’s second book, Bus Back To Omaha, was published in 2016 by Booktrope. Both books have been rewritten, and will be published in the summer of 2019 by John’s Motorcylce Storage and Rare Book Disposal, Long Island, New York.

Companion Novels

Taxicab To Wichita is so fast around the corners it should come with a neck brace. Bus Back To Omaha sinks beneath the surface of the world and surrenders to the undertow.

Bus Back to Omaha is the companion to Taxicab To Wichita.

New Release

Aaron has just published a novella, two short stories, one essay, several flash fiction pieces, and some poems and song lyrics in a book called Writing for the Absent Reader. This book also features the Mexican author Duke Miller and the American author JT Twissel.