About the Author

The Short Cut

The Scenic Route

Aaron made a pact in 2012 that he would write a short piece every day for his Facebook audience. The product of this experiment would later become Bus Back To Omaha, his second novel.

In 2013 Aaron was introduced to Wattpad, where he attracted a readership big enough to make him a featured author.

After becoming a featured author he signed with Booktrope, despite the publisher being closed to submissions at the time. Six months later, Taxicab To Wichita hit the shelves of bookstores. 

An abridged version of Taxicab To Wichita remains available on Wattpad, as a show of respect for the community who helped Aaron share his work with the world. The story continues to be enjoyed, and has garnered over half-a-million reads.

Aaron’s second novel, Bus Back To Omaha, was published in 2016 after a year-and-a-half of revising his Facebook experiment from 2012. 

Taxicab & Bus are companion novels

Taxicab To Wichita is so fast around the corners it should come with a neck brace. Bus Back To Omaha sinks beneath the surface of the world and surrenders to the undertow. 

Upcoming Release: Writing For The Absent Reader

In the summer of 2017, Aaron will be publishing a novella, two short stories, one essay, several flash fiction pieces, and some poems and song lyrics in a book called Writing For The Absent Reader. This book will also feature the Mexican author, Duke Miller, and the American author, JT Twissel.